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Wedding Package Information


We offer two photographers and if you desire video of your ceremony from 2 video camera. We offer a range of packages but all include a disk of the photos of your wedding so you may print the ones you desire in the quantity you desire for your personal use.

This is sometimes called a "shoot -n- burn". We 'shoot' the wedding then 'burn' you a copy of all the photos.


This is a nice advance over traditional wedding photography where you had to purchase each picture you wanted.

For the photographer it is also an advantage. I look not just for photos I suspect you will buy but also photos that are creative and in the photojournalistic style.


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bride kiss

Each photo disk typically contains 500 to 1,000 unedited images. Basic package includes a minimum of 75 images with basic editing (crop, color / exposure correction, minimum of 360 px/inch, and basic blemish/object editing). Additional available elements are listed below. Please contact us for prices, availability to to see our portfolio.


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family of the bride

Frames can be added to individual photos


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Basic package includes at least 2 photos with black and white with color accents.



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Additional packages include Photo Collages



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wedding Collage

We can personally print your photos at our office in the following sizes:

  1. 4x6
  2. 5x7
  3. 8x10
  4. 8.5x11
  5. 11x17
  6. 13x19

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